Saturday, July 30, 2011


As I sit here typing these words, I smile. I smile because I am about to embark upon another part of the journey that is my life.  When I came to the United States from my native country of Liberia in 1989, I remember landing at John F. Kennedy Airport.  My parents, brothers and I landed and when I exited the terminal the cold air hit my face. The air was so cold that it took my breath away.  I was barely 16 years old. People were standing around waiting for their friends and loved ones to come out, they were laughing, talking. I could not hear their words. I barely saw their faces. All I could think of was that I was in a whole big, new world. Who was I and what was I going to do? It was so big and I was so little. I had no idea what would be next.

As I settled into my new life, I told myself, that no matter what, I would always dream. I would dream big dreams and I would dream them often and whatever I dreamed, I would do. I would never just settle for the ordinary. I knew, knowing me, that I would probably pick the most difficult or challenging tasks, but my father always taught me to seek out the dream that appeared most impossible and that, that would be the one I should pursue.  “You are not ordinary”, he told me.  He told me those words often. And so, then, as a 16 year-old, in this big, new world, later as a young adult and now as a woman, I am always, still seeking to create the things that are closest to my heart. I dream big and I dream often, and then I begin to make it happen.  The things I do are never without fear; very often, I’m scared out of my pants, but it excites me to know that I’m stretching myself into more of the divine being I was born to be. Along the way, I embraced the word “fearless”. To me, not because it symbolizes the lack of fear, but to me, it symbolizes my ability and desire to jump into that fear and break barriers beyond what I can imagine.  And so, I continue along “the journey of the fearless female” – this journey is mine and yours. It is ours, because each of us seeks to become more than we think and believe that we are. 

My hope is that this website will help women break past barriers, pursue new heights and fearless go where no other woman has gone before.

Let’s create the world we dream of.