Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Dream

This morning, I woke up after having a really weird dream. I kind of just jumped up out of my sleep. I guess I had a lot on my mind when I went to bed. It was one of those kinds of dreams where all the things that you thought about the day before are all there waiting when you shut your eyes. Yikes!.  So, my night was filled with thoughts tumbled together. I did get a good night's rest though.

The cool thing was that, as soon as I woke up and settled into realizing that I was awake, my concious mind realized that it wasn't real and I knew that I had the power to create the rest of my day.  Much like I shook off the dream and adjusted my waking reality to what I decided it should be, I know I can decide at any point of my day how I'm going to design my experiences and how I choose to react to them. 

That has set the tone for my morning. I know that I can make today what I want it to be. Whether I like something that occurs, I can choose to observe the experience without reaction to it, or delve in to see why it may be happening...or I can just enjoy the moment into the next. Every experience, whether we like it or not, leads us to the next step in our path of life, much like every breath moves us forward.  Enjoy today, breathe into the moment, appreciate your creations - and if you don't like them, shake them off and start over. Make it a great day!